Tuesday, February 03, 2004

What's goin on around here

With so much to Bzz about lately, and so little time to do it, I really don't know where to start. I guess I'll start with Super Sunday.

First and foremost I will say that I thought it was an amazing game, one of the better Super Bowls I have ever seen. Too bad the antics of a couple of people (that means YOU Janet) involved with the halftime show overshadowed some excellent performances. Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme went at this duel like no others have in a very long time. I happened to be rooting for New England, so that made the enjoyment even greater.

About the halftime show, I would like to mention one thing. I think they should've showed more of the naked dancing guy who was running around the field just before the second half kickoff. From what I've read, it took one of the Panthers to tackle him for the security guards to catch up with him. Now my kids were not in the room for either event, but had they been, and had CBS aired the streaker and consequential tackling of said streaker, at least I could have said to my kids: "See what really happens for public indecency?" I could go on and on about this, but it's already been done, played and is now over.

Instead I'll move on. Did anyone else get a copy of Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition in the mail? I did, and I still haven't quite figured out why. That didn't stop me from installing it this morning, and start converting all of my e-mail, address books and calenders over to Outlook 2003 of course. From what I briefly have seen of it, I am impressed with how far Outlook has come as far as functionality and ease of use have come. Of course I haven't used Outlook on an every day basis since Outlook '97. I'm sure I'll run into problems on down the road, but converting all of my e-mail folders from Express was a snap, in fact I didn't even have to ask Outlook to do so. As soon as I opened Outlook up, it took me through getting the conversion done. I also expected the install to take a god-awful amount of time, but that was not the case. 20 minutes after I popped the CD into the tray I was playing with Outlook. I haven't even opened any of the other Office 2003 programs, but I have to say...I'm impressed. And for once, I also have to say, thank you Microsoft.

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