Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dog Vs Cat

We don't have a dog. We do have two cats though. One is a skiddish, but friendly cat. The other is an attack cat. More like a thug than anything else really. She belonged to theBrotherInLaw. When he moved to Michigan we took her in and she has repayed the debt by terrorizing my cat. She hunts her down and chases her around the house at all hours of the night. She's even gone so far as to come into our room and attack my cat while she's sleeping on our bed early in the morning. But my cat doesn't fight back. I think she's getting tired of bullying my cat. She's moved onto theNextDoorNeighbor's dog. theWife got video:

Please note, no dogs were harmed in the making of this film. Click on play to view:

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Amy's Answering Machine Part Deux

Amy's Answering Machine Part Deux
A continuation of Amy's answering machine messages from her Mom.

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Phone Messages From Your Mom

Amy's Answering Machine (via)
Some parents, not mine of course, but some, should not be allowed to watch the news. Here's an example of one such parent.

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2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad

FinalsBegin transmission
It's finals week for me - stop
Two finals down - stop
One in class last night - stop
One online at home last night - stop
One more to take - stop
Online - stop
At home - stop
Tonight - stop
Can not think straight - stop
Done after tonight though - stop
Big weekend planned - stop
Can't wait - End Transmission

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Wrong Number Voice Mail

Wrong Number Voice Mail (via)
Have you ever gotten a voice mail you know was not for you? This guy did, and made a short movie about it.

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Taking Gaming To A Whole New Level

Taking Gaming To A Whole New Level (via)
I'm betting we could take that we could take our PSPs up too.

Gone Phishing

Gone PhishingMy email inbox seems to be under attack as of late. I would really like to find the perpetrators of this filth in their underground lairs (read parents' basement) and hire Dave to explode their heads. Most scams I have seen many times already and recognize, like the . Other emails I find myself having to look closely at:
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 03:11:29 +0800

To: theMike
Subject: Security Measures (SafeHarbor) (KMM82003618V76837L0KM)
From: ""

Looking at the heading could be very misleading. That is the email address that eBay uses when sending confirmations of bid or password changes.
eBay Security Center: Urgent eBay Account Update Request.

Dear eBay member,

We recently noticed one or more attempts to log in to your eBay account from a foreign IP address and we have reasons to believe that your account was hacked by a third party without your authorization.

If you recently accessed your account while traveling, the unusual log in attempts may have been initiated by you.

The login attempt was made from:

IP address:

IS Host:

If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice but to temporally suspend your account.

We ask that you allow at least 72 hours for the case to be investigated and we strongly recommend not to make any changes to your account in that time.

However, if you are the rightful holder of the account, click on the link below, fill the form and then submit as we try to verify your identity:

eBay will request personal data (password, credit card/bank numbers, and so on) in this email.

Thank you for using eBay!

Personally, I like how the email states that "eBay will request personal data....". I guess that's a new policy, because I've always been told that they, or any other company like them, will not. Let's take another look at that verification url too.

Everything seems legit on the surface, but just by hovering the mouse over the link, I can see where the url really wants to take me:

It's at least reassuring to see that no matter how grammatically correct the message gets, this one only has one misspelling from what I can see, the url is still a dead giveaway. If you ever have a question about whether you are on the right website...look in the at the url in the address bar. It can not lie:

Address Bar

Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm A Winner

Ipod ShuffleLast week, one of my favorite blogs and websites,, had it's two year blogiversary extravaganza. Each day of last week Dave2, who is the mastermind behind, held a contest for a certain package that he put together for his readers. I entered every day, as each day the package got better and better. On the final day of the contest, Friday, he offered what he called the "Hard Rocker" Rock box that the reader must have input at least five comments on his site to be eligible for. Luckily I had, and was able to enter each and every day. Yesterday Dave2 drew the winners and posted this:
NOTE: to protect readers who prefer to remain (somewhat) anonymous, I am using first names/last initial (or pen names, if I know them). ALL WINNERS WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL LATER TODAY!

Dave's "Read & Watch" Big Box of Fun: James B.

Dave's "Taste of Home" Big Box of Gourmet Foods: GirlOnAGlide.

Dave's "Other Man's Treasure" Big Bag of Geeky Stuff: Art N.

Dave's "Hard Rocker" Rock Box: theMike.

Dave's "Hard Lurker" Bag: Patrick S.

That's right, I won the grand prize. What's in the "Hard Rocker" Rock Box? Let me show you:
Hard Rocker Rock Box

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hand-Eye Coordination Test

Hand-Eye Coordination Test
theFriend just sent me this test, for those of us who sit at the computer for long periods of time.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Fun With The Smurf Name Generator

ourFriend emailed me the Smurf Name Generator today:

B: aww mines Cuddly smurf
Me: Can't decide which one I like better, Mike lastName - Stalker Smurf, or Michael lastName - phlegmy smurf
B: heeh, check out hisWife's, sad sad sad
B: better not put your daughter in there.. hehehehehehe
Me: Before yourWife married you she was Pantsless Smurf, now she's Slowly
Evaporating Smurf? What have you done to her?
Me: Damn, wish I hadn't done my daughter....Erotic Smurf
Me: theWife used to be Moo Goo Gai Smurf, then she married exHusband and became Futzy Smurf, now that she's married to me she's Bambi Smurf. (Or if you use [hyphenated-name] she's Cletus the Slack-Jawed Smurf)
B: told you not to do your daughter!

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Samba, Yeah

theWife and I have begun a new ritual on Wednesday nights. This is the post in which I tell you more about that ritual. Ritual is such an alarming word any more isn't it. What came to mind when I said the word? Did you think that we've gone and joined some cult and are now performing some sacrifice ritual every Wednesday night? Did you think we had become part of a Christian fundamentalist militia that performs a new inductee ritual every Wednesday night? Or maybe you thought we've joined a sex club and that some type of fetish ritual is performed every Wednesday night. When I search google for the word, these are the types of websites that are on the first results page. Unfortunately for you, the reader, but fortunately for us and those who know us, these are not the types of rituals I am talking about.

Things that are done during our new Wednesday night ritual:
  • Farmer's Market is went to.
  • Fruits and Vegetables are purchased
  • Dinner is prepared by theWives at ourFriendsHouse
  • PSPs are played
  • The History Channel's Breaking Vegas is watched
  • Dinner is eaten
  • Good wine is consumed
  • Food is let settled
  • EyeToy workout is performed
  • Arms are put through grueling pain by playing with the EyeToy
  • Ideas are had to patent EyeToy workout and become rich and start our own commune
Ok, so maybe that last part about the whole commune thing was a joke....or maybe not. Bonus points will be awarded to the first person, who is not theWife or theFriends, that can identify the picture from the top of this post.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

2 Questions

Question 1:
If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion?

Read the next question before looking at the response for this one.

Question 2:
It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three candidates.

Candidate A:
Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.

Candidate B:
He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening.

Candidate C:
He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife.

Which of these candidates would be your choice? Decide first then scroll down for the response.

Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Candidate B is Winston Churchill.
Candidate C is Adolph Hitler.

And, by the way, on your answer to the abortion question: If you said YES, you just killed Beethoven.

Pretty interesting isn't it? Makes a person think before judging someone. Found here.

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