Friday, February 28, 2003


1. What is your favorite type of literature to read (magazine, newspaper, novels, nonfiction, poetry, etc.)?

Right now I'd have to say novels, but that may all be changing....

2. What is your favorite novel?

Or novels, The Dark Tower I - IV by Stephen King

3. Do you have a favorite poem? (Share it!)


4. What is one thing you've always wanted to read, or wish you had more time to read?

I don't know about always, but currently I would like to read "The Art of Deception" by Kevin Mitnick.

5. What are you currently reading?

"Dreamcatchers" by Stephen King (figured since the movie is releasing I might as well finish the book I started a year ago) and "Dave Barry Is Not Taking This Sitting Down!" by Dave Barry

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Friday, February 21, 2003


We woke up Sunday morning and were itchin to get out of the house and do something, we just didn't know what. Since neither one of us had ever been to the Napa Valley and the beautiful Wine Country we decided what the hell, let's go. While we were at it we decided to make a night of it too and packed a bag then hit the road, without any further planning of where we were going when we got there. I think it made the trip much more interesting and adventurous.

About halfway there we realized that hunger was dissipating our thirst for adventure and that we would need to stop and eat. Boy am I glad we did. As we pulled into Pleasant Hill to look for a place to eat we passed a Peet's Coffee. I have heard so much about the majesty that is Peet's Coffee, but had yet had the opportunity to partake in it's splendor, until now, that is. And yes, it did live up to it's hype as it had to be the best damn cup o' joe I have ever put into my body. Even if Napa was an absolute flop, my weekend was made by this simple mixture of ground up beans, water and steamed milk. Life is truly wonderful that way sometimes isn't it? Despite my arguement to forget Napa and simply stay the night in Pleasant Hill so that I may wake up to a cup of caffeinated goodness, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and pressed on.

We arrived in Napa and, since we really did not know where to go, pulled into the first hotel we saw and procured a room for the night. Here we were able to gather enough tourist flyers to give us a direction for the afternoon. We hit Berringer Vineyards Winery and Peju Province Winery before they all closed down for the night. Since this was really our first wine tasting and touring experience, we had no idea what to expect or how to differentiate good from the bad, which made the experience that much more enjoyable. Sunday night we laid out a gameplan for Monday and heeaded out early to get blitzed experience the Wine Country in all it's beauty. We ended up hitting and touring Domaine Carneros, Domaine Chandon, Rutherford Hill and finally Mumm Napa Valley. I personally did not consider drinking wine to be exhausting, but let me assure you that it is. At least when done in this fashion. We had planned to pick up a travel bug on our way home, but we were much too tired to do anything but drive home. Either way the Wine Country was an amazing place to visit, one that I'm sure we will visit again. Not bad for half a tank of gas round trip either.

Phew, looks like I'm all caught up, just in time for what looks to be another full weekend. Saturday we have Tyler's first real baseball practice (yes I know it's only February) and maybe some geocaching to do. Sunday is Marcy's dad's birthday and we plan to spend it touring the more local winerys. Hmm, would this be considered an addictive behavior? Oh well, it should be fun anyway.

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Saturday Night

Off to a friend of our's 29th Birthday Party, which as we found out when we got there, was a Mardi Gras themed party. Their partys are always a wild time so nothing less can be expected from a party with a Mardi Gras theme. Mom and Dad were even in on the festivities with her Mom passing out Jello Shots walking around saying "How you doin?" It was a wild time, but their partys always end the same, it just depends how quickly the assholes that show up get drunk and start fighting. What is it about alcohol and assholes that always have a way of ruining a good time for everyone? Either way, we're home around 2:30...which is earlier than expected. The good side of getting home earlier though is we got up relatively early (9:30) Sunday morning.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003


I don't usually pay much attention to my horoscope (or horrorscope) much less read it on a daily basis, but today's is just too good to pass up:

Resist the urge to hide from the public. It would be such a shame not to share your warmth and brilliance with the world at large today! Everywhere you go, instrumental music is crying out for a set of lyrics. You have what it takes to be a superstar in whatever venue you choose to perform in. Consciously or unconsciously, others notice your wonderful subtleties. Why not sell tickets to your one-person show and make some money while you're at it?
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Saturday morning starting with a 6 AM wakeup to get out to the RC Airstrip to video Bobby's test flight of his new Extra. I did not have much time to spend out there that morning and it looked as if I may not be able to see Bobby get his new plane in the air. As I was packing up the camera Bobby decided to give it a go, minus the nose and spinner. Finally, his new plane took flight.

From there we had to drop off the boys at their grandparent's so that me and Marcy could go to a party that night. After some light shopping we got to their house to do a quick drop off. This is the same house that I spent almost all night at last week trying to fix a computer, so when I heard that everything was back up and running except for a little display problem, I said I would take a look. 4 hours later I was being fed dinner and was still in front of the computer. And I told myself that I would be staying away from the computer for the weekend. I guess as long as it's not mine it doesn't count against me right? I finally told her to get a new video card as her's was most likely fried and we left to get ready for the night's party.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Good Weekend

Of the many tasks and things I wanted to do this last weekend, one task stood clear. STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!!! With what I believe to be tendonitis building up and getting worse in my mouse hand, staying away from my computer for a weekend (a long weekend at that) needed to be a priority to give my hand some much needed rest. To accomplish this task I needed to fill my weekend up with non-computer events and distractions so that I would not be tempted to sit down at my computer. The mission was accomplished, however a long weekend away from the computer will produce much to blog. I will start with Saturday and instead of creating one enormous post, I will form a new post for each day. OK? Ok. Besides, I most likely will not be able to describe the weekend in one sitting anyway, I just don't have that kind of time. Trust me, it's a good thing and it made for a great weekend. More to come....

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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Make The Bad Man Go Away

I had a post somewhat planned for today, but those thoughts were ripped away from my brain by the dreams I was having this morning. I don't remember many dreams, but I remember some of this one. It was one of those dreams in which you are seeing a girl get strangled by what you think is some madman. That is until the madman passes a mirror and the dream does one of those "walking by the mirror slow motion turn-to-look and see that it's myself staring back at me" movie effects. You know, one of those dreams....everybody has those dreams all the time, right.....right???? ADMIT IT. Tell me that you have psycho-neurotic dreams dammit.

Actually I hope that you don't. I do not think it is normal at all. In fact, the lingering rememberance of the dream is haunting my thoughts this morning. I keep getting this awful feeling that I'm going to turn around and have this psycho staring me in the face. The worst part being that the "feeling" has put a face to this man, and it's my own. So in essence I feel like I'm going to turn around and be staring myself in the face. Not me though, the psychotic version of me. I need clear to my thoughts of this or my head is going to explode. Maybe some mindless chicken throwing will take my thoughts away from last night's dream for awhile.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003


I hate mice, they're quick, they chew through wires, and cause all kinds of damage. That's why I use a trackball. But lately my middle two fingers have felt like they're getting pulled downward into my hand. It's gatting rather uncomfortable and I'm starting to wonder if it's not a side effect of the way my hand rests on the trackball. Ya know, I stopped using mice because of the tendinitis that was developing in my wrist, and now something else is going wrong because of trackballs. What am I to do, leave my desk and stop using input devices for awhile? Sure, that's gonna happen. Any suggestions on input devices would be greatly appreciated though.

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It's 1:00 AM, Do you know where your Wit's end is?

So, this is what exhaustion feels like. I've been tired before, but I don't know if I've ever been this exhausted, at least not in a little while. Not even after Thursday all-night karaoke sessions. Texas Turtle, I need your help. I spent most of last night at a friends house trying to fix her computer. The frustration lied in that she could connect to her dsl but could not browse any web pages. I tried everything I knew, then got SBC on the line and he walked me through his whole database of solutions too. Until we got to the Internet Connection Wizard that is, you see it didn't work and could not be installed from Windows Setup either because it wasn't there. How Internet Connection Wizard could not just dissapear from Windows, but from the Update Setup selection as well is beyond me. After trying a few dozen other things ,to include getting the same symptoms over a dial-up connection, a re-install of Windows 98 is suggested. Nice. Just want I wanted to do. Right. OK, at least all of the corrupt system files that I had come accross, and spyware installations that I found would be gone.

That is, as long as her hardware could install correctly once Windows Setup was finished. Turns out, her computer which is only 2 years old, was pieced together by some hack, who didn't give her any software or anything with it. So guess what, no drivers and Windows won't pick up her modem, doesn't know what her NIC, or her display adapter, or her Sound Card are for that matter. That normally wouldn't have bothered me, just download the drivers from the net. That would require a modem though, and this one just isn't working, no sign of life anywhere. Anyone got a modem you can email me? There's few things I despise worse that leaving a computer that isn't up and running yet. In fact, she's worse off now than before I got my hands on her computer. Talk about frustration.

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Monday, February 10, 2003

Who Could That Be Coming Through my Back Door?

"Go away, don't come around here no more" Ahh the spyware game. I love playing it. Surf for a little bit and your computer slows down. Has this ever happened to you? I've finally decided to try to completely rid myself of all spyware by downloading AdAware 6.0 and Spybot S&D. It's a good thing I did, because in the past I have relied strictly on AdAware, but Spybot picked up a few little manifestations of spyware and scumware that AdAware didn't. Get 'em both and kill 'em all.

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$20.00, Get Your $20.00 Here

If your like me, and I know you are, then you would not pass up the opportunity to get $20.00 for five minutes worth of your time. You see, Music Retailers have been ripping us off. There is a class action suit against them for it that will pay everyone who has purchased music from a retailer during the period of 1995 - 2000. But you have to file a claim or they wont know where to send your check. Go here and spend five minutes to tell them where to send your money.

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Isn't Less Really More?

I have been hearing this term used more and more lately, and the use of it begs one question. If someone who pays for something is called a "payee" than why is it that someone who leases a car is referred to as a "lessee" and not a "leasee"? Could this have anything to do with the way the car industry looks at an individual who leases a car versus the individual who owns one? Hmmm.....


There was a woman who had 3 daughters. One day the first daughter asked her mother, "Why is my name Daisy?"

Her mother replied, "Because when you were born a daisy fell upon your tiny head."

Then the second daughter asked her mother, "Why is my name Rose?" Her mother answered, "Because when you were born a rose fell upon your tiny head."

The third daughter, hearing this, muttered something under her breath. "What?" asked her mother. The third daughter again said, "Hrehow thouwehera yseeeeeeeher." Her mother, frustrated at her daughters lack of speech skills, said, "Shut up, fridge!"

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Friday, February 07, 2003

Fine Again

Finally got a chance to get cut a vid of Bobby and everything is fine again.

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Friday Five

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning? If you didn't have breakfast, why not? - Grape Nut Flakes

2. What's your favorite cereal? - Grape Nut O's

3. How often do you eat out? Do you want that to change? - Once a week, that's enough for me.

4. What do you plan on having for dinner tonight? Got a recipe for that? - Eating out, always on Friday night

5. What's your favorite restaurant? Why? - Applebee's, one word, variety. also, it's food is not too greasy. There's also not much else around close to home, maybe Fresh Choice if we want to drive for 30 minutes.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

All About Me

Moderator: Before Mike comes out to answer your questions, I'd like to go over quickly the format for this evening's personality conference. When you have your question ready, please raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged by Mike. Once he calls on you, please stand up, state your name and position, and then ask your question. Please be brief and concise in asking your questions. Now, if there are no questions for me, let's get started.

(Mike enters from a door in the rear of the room, walks down the center aisle of chairs to the podium and addresses the crowd)
Mike: I'd like to start off by saying thank you to everyone for coming down here tonight. Hopefully I can shed some light for you about who I am. Let's start the questions with that gentleman sitting right there. (points toward the first aisle on his right side)

Tim: Hi Mike, Tim Couch, Quarterback, my question is (Mike raises his hand and interrupts)
Mike: I'm sorry Tim, I meant to start with the gentleman sitting behind you. (Tim Couch sits down)
Kelly: Hi, Kelly Holcomb, Quarterback, Can you tell us who you are and where your from?
Mike: Sure, my name is Mike and I'm originally from here in Cleveland, but I now live in the Central Valley of California. Ok, Tim what was your question?

(Tim Couch stands up nervously)
Tim: Well that was my question, but uh, ok, how old are you? (Tim sits back down with regained confidence)
Mike: Well, that depends on when you read this because my age changes every year. (Mike covers the microphone with his hand and conferrs with his wife Marcy sitting at the table beside him) Let's just say I was born in 1974 and leave it at that. I'll let you do the math. Yes, the gentleman in the hooded jacket and sunglasses, you have a question?
Jim: Hi, Jim Thome, 1st Base...

(Once again Mike interrupts the question)
Mike: Yes, Hi Jim, I know who you are, and although you served us well for many years, I'm gonna have to ask you leave. Security, can you please escort Mr. Thome back to Philadelphia. Thank you.
(The crowd starts to murmur as Jim Thome is escorted out of the press room)
Mike: I'm sorry for that interruption folks, we can get back to your questions now. Go ahead sir.
William: Uh yeah, Hi, uh, William Green, Running Back, are you married Mike, and do you have any kids?
Mike: Good question Mr. Green, yes I am married to my lovely wife Marcy who happens to be sitting next to me. We have been married since '98 so it's almost been five years. I have two step-sons, Michael, born in '91, and Tyler, born in '94. Me and Marcy also have a daughter, Breanna who was born in '98. Next question please.

Omar: Hello, my name is Omar Visquel and I play shortstop for the Indians. What do you do for a living?
Mike: Well, right now I am the Site Administrator at Ripon Cogeneration. It's a power plant owned by Tractebel Power. Yes, what is your question sir?
Kevin: Yeah, hi. Kevin Johnson, Wide Receiver, are you planning on making a career out of being a Site Administrator?
Mike: Not hardly Mr. Johnson. I am currently back in school, using the GI Bill that's been waiting there for me since '97 when I got out of the Marine Corps. Right now I plan to learn electronics and controls along with PLC's so that I can work as an operator at Ripon Cogeneration. I'm only in my second semester though and only able to attend evening courses so that may just take me a little while. I'm happy where I'm at though. Next?

Ellis: Hi Mike, Ellis Burks, Outfielder and Designated Hitter. You mentioned the Marine Corps, how long were you in and what did you do?
Mike: Well, I was in for 4 years, from '93 to '97, and I was in the supply field. That kept me stationed in Camp Pendleton, California for the better part of that time. I'm glad it did though, that is where I met my wife.
Courtney: Hi, Courtney Brown, Defensive End. Mike can you tell us how you got from Cleveland to California?
Mike: By airplane...
(Laughter rises from the players and family)

Mike: No seriously, like I just mentioned I was stationed in California and met my wife. She was from the Central Valley area, so I stayed here with her. Sorry Courtney, next question please, and I think this might have to be the last one. Yes, you sir.
C.C.: Then I'll make this one short, Mike. C.C. Sabathia, Pitcher. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Mike: Well, your right Mr. Sabathia, that is a short one, seeing how little spare time I have. Let's see, I am a computer hobbyist as well as a constantly learning web site designer, meaning that I never truly have enough time to really learn it well enough use site designing for profit. Also, me and my family just recently took up geocaching where you travel around either in urban or nature looking for "caches". And yes, I was correct, that is all the questions I have time for right now; I have to get going to a class. Thank you all for coming and I hope I was successful in answering your questions. If you have any more questions, or want to know more about me, just read. Thanks again.

(Mike, Marcy, Michael, Tyler and breanna all exit through the door behind the podium).

If you couldn't already tell, I am a huge Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns fan and all the name used in this mock conference were players currently on those two teams. Now you Know!!

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Damn Yankees

And I thought losing Thome would make it tough for the Indians to win it this year.....This makes it impossible.

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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Just Hangin Out

Last week theWife purchased a Hang-Ups F7000 Inversion table. I have to admit that I was originally against the idea stating that "we will never use it"; but Marcy got me to agree to it because her back had been giving her alot of problems as of late. All the while I knew that I would never use it, boy was I wrong. It was delivered last night and I figured it couldn't hurt to try it out, especially since my lower back had been killing me all day long. Wow, my back felt great again after getting off of it, so I tried it again this morning. You need to try it out to believe the difference it makes in the way your back and neck feel. It's absolutely amazing. Maybe I can finally stretch myself back to my original 5'11" frame. Hey, a guy can dream right?

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Monday, February 03, 2003

Bring back the phrase "Dolt"

This may sound very sad, but I actually like test night. Allow me to explain. For the most part I finish tests very quickly. In fact, I'm usually the first one done. What does that mean? It means that I get a 40-50 minute break while everyone else finishes the test. I like this break because I can get away from all the "dolts" in my class. I'm not saying that I'm the smartest person in my class either, but what I don't appreciate is hearing comments from the quintessetial peanut gallery when I know the answers. I'm not saying they're all bad either, but the "dolts" are the ones who talk through class and are then lost when it comes time for the tests. Don't look at me like I'm the freak because I pay attention and finish the test first. Hey Chris, you can bring back the term "snozzberry", I'm bringing back the phrase "dolt". Nuff said for tonight.

Webcam Fever

Does anyone know of a good webcam app that will FTP current images while renaming the old images to my site....that's free? I use Coffee Cup Webcam 3.5 right now, but my trial is ending and I don't really want to spend $30.00 on it, although if I must spend it will most likely be on Coffee Cup's software. It does just exactly what I want, and nothing more. If you have any suggestions for me though, please leave comments below. Thanks.

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Runnin Amok

We had an unwelcomed visitor stop by our household this weekend causing us to alter our plans a little on Saturday, and completely blew our plans for Sunday. They call him the Flu. We still managed to do a little geocaching on Saturday, even though not all of us felt up to being outside, but we planned to go South for some exploring on Sunday and could not. Although half of us were sick, Saturday's exploration was still fun. We even met up with another pair of cachers who were after the same finds we were. If not for one "bug" we would have been able to take another "bug", which we found Saturday morning, down South towards it's destination. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

Quick update on the video I linked to last week. I said that it was Bobby flying but it wasn't. I'm in the process of re-doing the video to give the proper credit. Go figure, take some vids and then wait a couple months before editing them and I can't even remember who was flying. Sorry about that. I could have already churned that video out had I not been having problems with codecs using Windows Media Encoder. No matter what I did or what version of Encoder I installed, it seemed that I never had the appropriate codecs installed to encode the correct video. As I found out this morning though, I was wasting my time on a bad video, all my other videos encode just fine. Time to start from scratch, argggghh. At least I got some time to get my homework done while waiting for video to transfer. Always got to find that positive perspective. How can homework be positive you ask? Well, it's done isn't it...And that always a positive.

OOPS, almost forgot to mention .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!

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