Sunday, August 05, 2007

Turtle Lovin, Havin a Blast

theWife, theDaughter and I took a trip to the Zoo yesterday, compliments of the WDOK slot machine. We were dual cameraing, so there are tons of pictures to post, which I will do a bit later. I had to share this first.

We were walking up to the aquatics and cats display when we past the giant turtles. As we were watching, one of the turtles started getting a little frisky. We laughed, but walked off to the cat exhibit leaving the turtles to have their privacy. When we came back out of the exhibit, however, we realized that this turtle was not interested in privacy. Of course, theWife got video and of yeah, it's not safe for work:
I don't know what disturbed me more, laughing at the sound or the thrusting motion that big old horny turtle made. All that was needed was a "If this pond is rockin', don't come a knockin'" sticker on the fence.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Now Hear This

The oft fabled Swamp Thing has been found to have produced offspring. Proof has been found of this mythical creature in, of all places, Iowa. This myth has come under much scrutiny in recent years, but finally putting it to rest theElderSon holds his evidence for every one to see.

It comes in the form of a 37.5 inch, 27 pound, pond catfish caught on a bass lure to boot. Yes, that's right, it was found in a pond, proving the Swamp Thing has been reproducing in this area. For your own safety, theElderSon is a trained professional, please do not attempt to approach or catch Swamp Thing or it's offspring, or even go out at night if you find yourself near Iowa ponds. Thank you, now back to your regularly scheduled Saturday.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Prank taken WAY too far

Anyone who knows me, knows that I lurve me some prank TV. This one however has taken it too far, even in my book. In no way shape or form is this work safe. You've been warned.

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