Friday, November 07, 2003

It's been awhile

I know your out there, waiting, growing more and more impatient, wondering....WHERE ARE THE LINKS?!?!?! I'll get around to it, I swear. I'm just getting over a nasty case of Bronchitis in which my doc refused to give me any antibiotics. He said that they've been proven not to work about 50% of the time, and in those cases where they don't work and pneumonia sets in, that person is in so much worse shape because their body is then immune to the antibiotic that fights pneumonia. So I took his advice, but my bronchitis did not want to let up, at all. I'm just now feeling better this week.

Anway, like I said before, the links will be coming shortly, in fact...maybe I'll throw you a bone or two while I'm at it now. Check this out, a scratch and sniff website, the first of it's kind:

Smell the Pretty Flowers

Maybe one more for now, an ADHD test, but then again, if you have ADHD you wont still be reading this post will you???


Stick around, there'll be more links comin your way shorthly.

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