Friday, March 31, 2006

Stupid Girls

Yesterday, I boasted about theDaughter wanting to focus on her career before boys. theWife and I keep pounding into her head that she is going to be so much more that just some eyetoy for boys. I wish more parents would teach their daughters that, but no. There's so many celebrities, read Paris, who act like that's all girls are good for. Throw in half the dang videos I see on MTV, and one would start to believe that women are only good for one thing. Pink, theWife made me listen to it, shutup, has a song out about these stupid girls that, although I may not like the song as a song, it's message is great. Pink says "What happened to the dreams of a girl president, She's dancing in the video next to 50 Cent". Not my daughter.

Hell, now you have Sharon Stone giving advice, and I use the term loosely, to a young girl she met in a store that "oral sex is a hundred times safer than vaginal or anal sex." She goes on to say "If you're in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job." What?? Are you kidding me? What happened to no means no. So all a boy has to do is pressure a girl for sex and he'll get oral sex? That sounds like rape to me. Sharon, if your ever in my area and want to give my daughter advice, feel free. I'll sue you for every penny BI2 makes. And when it's all said and done, I'll take my 50 cents and buy a pack of gum.

So where, does this all lead? To this: Sex Acts Alleged On Ohio Bus Full Of Seventh-Graders:
The bus was on its way back from Mount Union College when the game of Truth or Dare allegedly got out of hand for eight children.
Some put their hands down each other's shirts. Then some girls reportedly started flashing passing cars.
Eventually, one child allegedly performed oral sex on another.
The community is asking where the teachers were, but I ask, where were the parents. Why were the boys not being taught that this is inappropriate. Girls are not meant to be treated this way. Why were the girls, especially the last one, not being taught that she is more than just a sex toy. I am absolutely outraged that the parents could hold the teachers responsible. We as parents need to be teaching these children their sense of self-esteem. If we don't, Sharon Stone will.

Oh, and one last thought before I wrap this long post up, before you guys out there disagree with me, and think this behavior is ok from 12 year old girls, think about this. Imagine, that is your daughter on that bus. Guys tend to be so hypocritical, it makes me sick. I heard a bunch of comments on a radio show the other day regarding this that were along the lines of, "where were these girls when I was 12?" I tried calling in, but never made it. I really wanted to know, if all these callers thought it was ok, would they think the same for their own daughters? I doubt it. Hypocrites. Here I thought we evolved from the intelligence level of an animal. I guess not.


andrea said...

umm dont know if this will work

they brought up the sharon stone thing over at blogging baby and the comments went off the chart. lady has some serious issues gonna be dealt with in court if she tries to talk to the wron parent, RIGHT PARENTS, kids

Mon said...

That is some great advice to give kids! She's a classy lady! What ever happened to if a boy pressures you, knee him in the nuts? That's what I was raised on! 12. I didn't even LIKE boys like that yet, when I was 12! (that's me being an old biddy!)

Mindless Dribbler said...

Dude, I'm the same way. I'm starting on my daughter about that kinda stuff already and she's 7. never too young for some things.

Good luck.

Andrea said...

didnt know if I could get this comment box to work.
does now so no problems.

team gingerbread said...

It's refreshing to see soe parents are still willing to take responsiblity for their children.

I was raised to respect my body, and I'm glad you're imparting that wisdom to your daughter.