Friday, April 07, 2006

First Show Tonight

theWife has her first show as a Wine Consultant tonight. She invited all of our neighbors, who have been hibernating all winter, and most of them are coming. We, of course, have spent the past couple of weeks tasting each of the wines that she will be presenting tonight. I know tonight's guests will be not be disappointed. Not one bit.

I have been very impressed with almost every wine I have tasted from her company and the one wine I did not care for was probably my fault and not the wine's. You see, I had eaten pizza that day for lunch, which made my stomach upset, and had just finished chewing a piece of gum before tasting. Anyone who has been wine tasting before will tell you that two things don't mix well with the wine, greasy foods and mint flavored gum. I managed to get both of them in there. That could have been the best bottle of bordeaux imaginable and I would not have liked it.

The wine in question will get it's chance at redemption at tonight's tasting, however. I am interested to see how theWife's guests (read neighbors) will like the wines and generally excited all around about the event. If only I didn't have to go to work today first. Oh well, duty calls.
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Jetting Through Life said...

Wishing your wife luck tonight at her party! I am sure it will be very fun!! And now you can do more tasting tonight!!

Take care,

theMike said...

Thanks, not only will I be tasting, but I'll be pouring too. Some for you, some for me, a little for you, more for me :)