Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller

I Wish I Was A Baller

I wish I had a better rhyme with Baller than "Impaller" (meaning Impala?).

I heard that song this weekend for the first time in years. I got a chance to reminisce about all the good times I had years ago making fun of it.

I'm writing just to write this morning, so do not make the mistake of looking for a rhyme or reason in this post. I haven't written in months. I haven't posted in about as long either. I simply have not had the time to plan a post and write it. So this morning, I'm not planning, just writing.

I went to New York City a handful of weeks ago and spent a work week there training. It was my first trip there, and I never made it out of lower Manhattan. I was still extremely impressed by the massiveness of the city. Just for the record, massiveness did not come up in my spell checker so it must be a word. I took a bunch of pictures from my walks around and posted them on my google web albums:

Speaking of pictures, I recently went to a HP sponsored seminar which introduced their new desktop and laptop lineups and won a new camera. It's an HP Photosmart r927 for those interested, and theWife has been having a good deal of fun with it. Maybe she'll start posting more pictures on her Flickr site. I'm sure as soon as she gets the time to do so, she will. There's that whole concept of time again, and how neither of have any, but I'm sure that holds true with most people.

Speaking of my luck, I also recently won a couple of Indians tickets from a local radio station. Not just any tickets either, but I will have a shot at $50,000 while I'm there. theWife and I will be sitting in a section of seats with other "finalists" who all have the same chance. If a foul ball gets hit into our section, and one of us catches said foul ball in the air, and it is then verified by an Indians representative, that person will win $50,000. Hopefully my luck continues, and all things come in threes. A third win for me would bring me that foul ball.

My rise hour is just about up, so I will wrap up this rambling incoherent nonsense I'm weakly calling a post. One more update, it's been 133 days, 8 hours, 58 minutes and 28 seconds since either theWife or I have had a cigarette. You may now leave your praise in the comments.

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