Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pet Peeve

I do not have any "Pet Peeve"(s). At least I like to claim that I don't. For the most part I think that a pet peeve is fairly useless. What is it but a thing for which upsets a person that can not be dealt with? Most of the time when someone with a pet peeve witnesses that pet peeve being performed, they do not do anything about it, but complain, or become generally irritated. And someone who gets irritated over something they have no control over is really a pet peeve of mine.

Right about now, you're asking yourself where this is going, what's up with the picture of the escalator, and what's up with the midget? Ok, so maybe you weren't asking yourself about the midget, it's just a reference I like to use every once in awhile (if you can tell me where it's from I'll award you with bonus points and much respect). But I digress. Over the past 6 months of working in my new job, I have come to realize I do have a pet peeve. It gets so bad at times I just want to run through people yelling at the top of my lungs. What causes me to want to act like a screaming mimi, tearing through crowds and causing a commotion? People who stand on escalators.

Every day I have to go up and down a couple of escalators on my way to my office. Worse than the people who stand on them is the people who stand on escalators in pairs so I can't walk by even if I tried. Think about it, standing on an escalator is just plain lazy. They were invented to get us where we wanted to go faster, not to be lazy. If it were meant for us to just stand on, it would be an elevator. Now you want to stand there and talk to your coworker/friend and block my way, causing me to be inefficient as well.....Can you see why this frustrates me? I just want to get where I'm going, now. Is that so wrong? At least stay to one side so I can go about my merry way efficiently. Is that too much to ask?

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