Thursday, April 21, 2005

Samba, Yeah

theWife and I have begun a new ritual on Wednesday nights. This is the post in which I tell you more about that ritual. Ritual is such an alarming word any more isn't it. What came to mind when I said the word? Did you think that we've gone and joined some cult and are now performing some sacrifice ritual every Wednesday night? Did you think we had become part of a Christian fundamentalist militia that performs a new inductee ritual every Wednesday night? Or maybe you thought we've joined a sex club and that some type of fetish ritual is performed every Wednesday night. When I search google for the word, these are the types of websites that are on the first results page. Unfortunately for you, the reader, but fortunately for us and those who know us, these are not the types of rituals I am talking about.

Things that are done during our new Wednesday night ritual:
  • Farmer's Market is went to.
  • Fruits and Vegetables are purchased
  • Dinner is prepared by theWives at ourFriendsHouse
  • PSPs are played
  • The History Channel's Breaking Vegas is watched
  • Dinner is eaten
  • Good wine is consumed
  • Food is let settled
  • EyeToy workout is performed
  • Arms are put through grueling pain by playing with the EyeToy
  • Ideas are had to patent EyeToy workout and become rich and start our own commune
Ok, so maybe that last part about the whole commune thing was a joke....or maybe not. Bonus points will be awarded to the first person, who is not theWife or theFriends, that can identify the picture from the top of this post.

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