Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm A Winner

Ipod ShuffleLast week, one of my favorite blogs and websites,, had it's two year blogiversary extravaganza. Each day of last week Dave2, who is the mastermind behind, held a contest for a certain package that he put together for his readers. I entered every day, as each day the package got better and better. On the final day of the contest, Friday, he offered what he called the "Hard Rocker" Rock box that the reader must have input at least five comments on his site to be eligible for. Luckily I had, and was able to enter each and every day. Yesterday Dave2 drew the winners and posted this:
NOTE: to protect readers who prefer to remain (somewhat) anonymous, I am using first names/last initial (or pen names, if I know them). ALL WINNERS WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL LATER TODAY!

Dave's "Read & Watch" Big Box of Fun: James B.

Dave's "Taste of Home" Big Box of Gourmet Foods: GirlOnAGlide.

Dave's "Other Man's Treasure" Big Bag of Geeky Stuff: Art N.

Dave's "Hard Rocker" Rock Box: theMike.

Dave's "Hard Lurker" Bag: Patrick S.

That's right, I won the grand prize. What's in the "Hard Rocker" Rock Box? Let me show you:
Hard Rocker Rock Box

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