Saturday, June 04, 2005

Post Interview

I arrived in Cleveland, safely and soundly Thursday morning, just a few minutes before 6 AM. As I said before, I normally don't sleep well on planes, but with an impending 9 AM interview, I had to give it my best shot. Unfortunately for me and even more so the guy with epilepsy, there was a gentlemen two seats in front of me who was having a terrible night. Much worse than mine.

He was having seizures every two minutes or so.

The seizures wouldn't last long, but he would grunt through them. Every time I would start to fall asleep, another seizure would grip him, poor guy, and I would wake up again. Luckily, noone was crass enough to complain, but it did mean that I would go to my interview without rest. I've had to go through a lot worse, however, so I was not about to even act tired in my interview.

And I didn't. The interview went very well. I met with the HR director after filling out an application for employment. She then took me to a conference room to meet the IT staff, who fired questions at me that they had scripted. After that I spoke one on one with the IT director again. She then proceeded to throw a monkey wrench into my perfect world where I obtain this position. I'm going to try to quote, pretty closely at least, what she said, and then translate:
IT Director: I wanted to tell you that normally I do all the decision making when it comes to hiring. For this position, however, we're letting the staff make the decision. I will have veto power here, but because it will be their decision, it was very important to get you here to meet them. I do feel obligated to tell you that there is an in house candidate for this position, as well.
My translation:
IT Director: If it were up to me, I'd hire you, but it's not. I'm also letting you know that there is an in-house candidate, so even though you may be my first choice, if you don't get hired, you know why.
I may be giving myself too much credit with regards to her opinion of me, but that's the way it seemed to me. I still give myself a good chance to nail down this position as well, but you never can tell how in-house candidates are looked at from company to company. Some don't like to promote someone to be directly in charge of their former co-workers, while other companies pride themselves on promoting from within.

Only time will tell.

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