Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Those who have been reading this site for any length of time, can tell that when I started using blogger last month, I lost a ton of functionality that I formerly had with wordpress. I had images indexes and video indexes and all of these pages were stored in MySQL tables on my webhosts' server.

All of the pages and last two years worth of posts are all there within these tables, I can see them, I just can no longer access them with any blogging software. Even when I try a fresh install of wordpress, or movable type which also uses MySQL database tables, the tables can not be accessed to be written to. This has left me with only one real choice and that is to use Blogger, but lose functionality. (OK, so maybe I have more choices that just that, like changing my webhost and starting from scratch, which I've essentially done here anyway, but I lack the time and energy to do that right now.)

One such function I had was the ability to catagorize my posts. I could then take one catagory and make it show up on the side of my page, as a side blog. If you remember correctly, my side blog contained all of the humorous links and time-wasting games that I ran across. Since blogger does not allow me to catagorize my posts, this was not a possibility.

Enter SideBlog.

SideBlog has allowed me to regain at least this function of my website. As you will notice over there on the right hand side of my page, under the google ads, is my new SideBlog. If you enjoy visiting some of the strange sites or playing the time-wasting games I have posted in the past, make sure you keep your eyes on the sideblog.
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Laura said...

You've made Blogger look just like WordPress. Why didn't you just use WP? Just curious as I moved from WP to Blogger when the Beta came out.

I came to this post on your blog cause I was looking for Sideblog. The site seems to be abandoned and I can't download it from there. I thought it was interesting when I came across it about a year ago. I came back to look again and am disappointed to see it not going anywhere.