Friday, December 23, 2005

Animal Crossing

theFamily and I were driving down the road just the other day when we noticed an interesting sign. The sign has been there as long as we've lived here, but I never took notice of it before now. The sign is a duck crossing sign and I can honestly say that it's the only duck crossing sign that I know of. I see deer crossing signs all the time, but another duck crossing sign, I do not know of. The noticing and mentioning of this sign did inspire a question that at first seemed trivial, but has been playing in my mind ever since.

How does a city know where to put the sign? And how many times does an animal have to be seen crossing the road before the sign gets put up? And do people call the city when they spot an animal crossing the road when there is no sign posted?

Go ahead and laugh, it's ok. I did at first too. Before the day is up, however, or maybe the next time you see an animal crossing sign, you too will be thinking of these very questions. Do you have a valid answer for them? Unless you work for the city, than I should think not.

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theclimber said...

I've seen the duck crossing sign before and actually had to stop for ducks crossing the road in Minnesota. They put them up where there are lakes around because the momma ducks take their babies from lake to lake.
It's very cute.
I've seen moose crossing signs before too.

theMIke said...

Moose crossing, now that would be a site. I've seen pheasants crossing this same street, but there are no pheasant crossing signs. Should I have called the city?

theclimber said...

I've seen pheasant crossing signs too.. bird has a long tail.

you can buy your own signs and put them up around the neighborhood