Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Good Friends

theClimber did thatBack in August, when I wasn't blogging much at all, we were visited by our good friends from our previous state of residence, cauliflower or something like that, which we had been looking forward to since our evacuation move. We were looking forward to having the kind of times we had while we were still in cauliflower. Wine tasting, tasting wine, playing dvd trivia games, sampling more wine, did I menting drinking wine? When we brought up our plans to our friends, they seemed a little more reserved than usual.

As it turned out, they brought along a stowaway and they didn't even pay for his, that's right I said his (sending y chromosome vibes their way) plane ticket. Our friends were pregnant, at least one of them was. So the fun had to be had without the influence of wine, which was no big task. We gave them a little tour of Cleveland and explained to them how much better their lives would be if they made the great cauliflower escape themselves. In the end they went back home and we were sad.

Last month, though, I got more good news from theFriends. He's blogging about the baby. theClimber has his very own baby blog set up. Yes, I know it looks similar, but I did not do it for him, I swear.

Either way, stop by and throw a comment his way. While your at it, throw a comment my way...I could use them too ya know.


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