Friday, October 28, 2005

Guillen Steals Trophy

Congratulations to the White Sox, I guess, for your series championship. Too bad you have a greedy manager who talks of retiring if his team wins, then changes his mind. Not to lead the team again, no, but so that he would have the opportunity to coach the All-Star Game. As he put it:
"Hopefully I'll be the first Latino (manager) to win an All-Star game"
It's good to see that he has his team's, and the city of Chicago's best interest in mind. This from a coach who was quoted a multitude of times during the regular season saying the most idiotic things any manager has ever said, at least when he could be understood that is. And it wasn't over yet. As they say in the informercials that just happen to catch your attention and never let you go, but wait...there's more:
"Guillen was ready to take the prize with him.
"With all due respect to Chicago fans, I know my country, they're going crazy," he said. "The trophy is going to Venezuela.""
I'm sure the city of Chicago, rejoicing from having won it's first baseball championship since 1917, appreciates hearing that their manager is more interested in Venezuela's celebration than their own. If I were a White Sox fan, which even though they just won the World Series I am glad I'm not, I would first celebrate, then call for Guillen's head on a platter. Ownership should tell him thanks, but we can take it from here. The conversation should go something like this:
Hey Ozzie, thanks for leading the team to the championship, really we appreciate it and all, but we'll be taking that trophy to can head off to Venezuela if you want, but the trophy stays here with the players that actually won it. What's that? Your only coming back next year to manage an All-Star Team? Thanks, but no thanks...I think we can find someone to do that for you. Sorry Oz, gotta go now, Lou Piniella is on the other line.

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Bobby, devout follower of THE MIKE said...

I have decided to start a baseball themed religous cult and I want "THE MIKE" to be the "leader guy". When I proposition my friends about joining it will be like... "What do you gotta do that's so (expletive) important that you can't join the religous baseball cult with me???" "Look aaa... Im startin to believe in some of the stuff the cult guys has been saying, some of it makes alot of sense..." "THERE'S A GIRL I WANNA MEET THERE, WHATS YOUR (EXPLETIVE)PROBLEM?" "Look... their gonna give clothes, their give ya a free haircut, your gonna get food..." "You said you needed a haircut, your goin in savin twelve buck, just (expletive) do it..."

so what do say Mike...