Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Question for the Ladies

I was walking down the hallfway at work yesterday, minding my own business. A doorway opened up in front of me on the right hand side of the hallway, catching my eye as someone walked out of the door. As nature intended, my head and eyes were unavoidably drawn to the open door and I noticed that I was looking into a restroom. Since it had been a woman that had opened the door and walked out, my powers of perception quickly figured out that I was looking into a Woman's restroom. Before my realization snapped my neck back around and my eyes out of the room, I noticed something. Something so foreign and out of place to me, that I have to dig deeper into the realm of thought to find out why it was there.

It was this:

And my question to you ladies out there is Why is there a couch in your restroom?

Do any of you ladies actually use this type of furniture in the restroom? I have to know. The bathroom would be the last place in the world I would want to spend more time in, besides maybe a hospital and funeral home of any sort, so you would not find me sitting on a couch in the bathroom.

I have to know if any of you ladies have spent time on bathroom furniture and why. Why I say, why??!!!


Wendy said...

Many women's restrooms have furniture such as this to allow them a place to nurse a baby. :)

Bob said...

Being a Facilities Manager For years, We had to have a couch or chair in the ladies rest rooms.

ukok said...

I've never seen a sofa in the 'ladies' (rest room) over here in England...though I suppose if you had a particularly awful date waiting in the bar/theatre etc..you could while away the hours in there in comfort!

God Bless!