Thursday, October 20, 2005

Life Is Good

Once upon a time, theMike and theFamily moved into a house they could call their own, and life was good. theWife felt like something was missing however and added theOrangeCat to the mix and life was good. Again, something was still missing to theSuckler was acquired and life was good. A little while later theDog was added to the fray and life was still good. theMike and theWife then started to add landscape to theHouse, planting grass and was good.

But still an empty feeling tore at the pits of all of theFamily's stomachs for we all felt something was still missing. None of us could figure out what this missing element was, until it arrived on our doorstep via theFriends (B&S).

And once again, Life is Good.

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Mom & Dad said...

That's not it you just MISSED mom & Dad in
California.......HA HA

theMike said...

One can not have everything, but accentuate what he does have.