Saturday, January 07, 2006

10 Reasons Why Google Pack is Overhyped

Google Pack goes Live, the news can be found everywhere. The whole internet seems to be rejoicing that Google has released this package of software, most of which is free. Great news to be sure, but is it worth all the fuss? Honestly, it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal. In fact, if it was Microsoft who released this package, the same users who are hyping Google Pack, would be villifying Microsoft for trying to force software down their throats.

Most of these offerings, a lot of users have already. I looked through the list to see what I needed, and found nothing. With the exception of Google Earth, which I could've picked up any time I have wanted to, I already have all that I want.  Without further ado then, I bring you 10 reasons why Google Pack is overrated and overhyped:
  1. Google Pack Screensaver - Windows already comes with this ability, and it works great. Why do I need another screensaver?
  2. Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer - You've also packaged Firefox with Google Toolbar into this package, which I already have in the first place, do I need this toolbar? I don't think so. (Doesn't 99% of the online population have this already anyway?)
  3. Trillian - The paid mode of this instant messenger is probably the best IM app out there, but the free version is just ok. Doesn't Google have their own IM in development?
  4. Google Talk - In the world of IM apps, this little one is featureless and not ready for primetime.
  5. RealPlayer - Your kidding right? I've been trying to keep Real Player off my system for years. I've found myself just walking away from links that require it. Unsuspecting downloaders, be ready for all of your media to be taken over by this one.
  6. Google Video Player - Google videos providing premium content to pay-per-click is a good idea, but can I only view it with this app? Bad idea. If that's not the case, do I really need another video player on my system?
  7. Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition - This is the package breaker. Google has to be kidding right, they're aligning with Norton for the anti-virus option? Norton is only throwing in a 6-month free subscription with this one to boot, then it will be useless unless a license is paid for. Good luck ridding your system once you decide not to continue with Norton too. With good options out there, Grisoft, Avast, why go with Norton?
  8. Ad-Aware SE Personal - Decent product, but other spyware programs are needed too. This is not a complete answer to the spyware problem, by any means.
  9. Adobe Reader 7 - I haven't seen a computer in awhile that doesn't already come with Adobe Reader and Adobe is already running processes checking for updates of their own software.
  10. GalleryPlayer HD Images - No thanks, I have enough of my own pictures taken up enough room on my hard drive as it is.
As I mentioned earlier, if this was Microsoft offering such a package, everyone would be picking it apart.  I have what I want of the package already.  I see no reason, whatsoever, to package this all together.  Thanks, but I'm passing on this one.

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Randy said...

I agree with you. Google Pack is over-hyped, and most of its offerings are already available and done better elsewhere on the internet. It's ridiculous that Google would package these substandard items together. BTW, I prefer SpyWare Doctor over Norton anyday.