Monday, January 09, 2006

Another Ski Trip

Our weekly passes to Boston Mills and Brandywine have been getting good use. We have not missed a week yet and we're even starting to remember the camera when we go. That being said, I clipped together this video of our day on the hills:

As you can see, we had a great day for it. There was just enough new snow last Friday to make the conditions perfect and the sun even decided to show up for us. The day would have been perfect had it not been for the teens near the end of the day there to irritate us.

There are many times when kids act a certain way and I say to myself, I remember doing that, not this time though. Boarding or skiing up to the front of the long lift line, bypassing everyone standing there is one of the most annoying things I have seen out there on the hills. Especially when it's not just a couple of kids, but 15 or 20 of them doing it. Rest assured that theWife and I did not remain quiet like most of the other adults, and the lift operators did, though it did not do us much good. Most of them simply turned the other way and pretended not to hear us. Frustraing, yes, but at least they were not there the whole day, and we were ready to leave by this point anyway.

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