Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bloggingly Delicious

Almost 3 years ago, 2 years 354 days to be exact, I started a blog. I hosted the blog at and called it bloggingly delicious. Over the years, it grew. It started as a blogger blog, but soon I moved to using Movable Type for it's added features. Then I changed yet again to Wordpress for it's ease of use and still more features.

Disaster struck then and left me without my domain. Last summer I lost the ability to sign into my wordpress, because I could not renew my domain, and therefore 2 and a half years worth of blogging history were gone. I was also without my own domain for the first time since I had started this blog.

At this point of frustration, I wanted to continue blogging, but just barely. I definately knew that I did not want my own domain anymore...too much pain and hassle. There was only one choice, blogger.

Like I said, though, it would have to be a brand new start because all of my history was gone. Gone, that is, until I found out that most of it was cached in the internet archive, January of 2003 to August of 2004 to be exact. I began the posting each post from that time frame one by one.

As I finished up posting every message, I again realized one of the drawbacks of using blogger versus MT or Wordpress...catagories. In MT or Wordpress I could catagorize every post, making it easy for a reader to browse through and find posts he or she is interested in. I gave up that niceness, however, when I decided to not blog from my own domain, however.

I didn't have to give it up for very long, though. I soon found myself reading an article that instructed me on how to use to catagorize all of my posts again. All I had to do then is catagorize every post I had just reposted to this blog. No problem. Take notice that at the bottom of every post are the links to browse the rest of the posts in the listed catagories.

Another feature I had while using MT or Wordpress was the ability to post interesting links in my sidebar quickly and easily. Once again, it's not easy to do in blogger. I tried using SideBlog, but it turned out to be another interface completely and rather a pain to maintain. Again was there to provide for me. You'll now find that I have links and news in the sidebar. They are updated more often than I blog, so keep an eye over there if you like interesting links, or simply subscribe to the rss for each channel.

Even though this blog has sported the title before, with the help of, I can now truely say that my blog is bloggingly


hterry said...

I can't imagine loosing it all...that's why I have my database backed up each night and emailed to a gmail acct :) I'm surprised you lost the doman though because I've gotten reminders to renew mine or have it on auto renew via paypal like my hosting

theMike said...

The only reason I lost my domain is because of my web host going down, and not releasing it proper. I couldn't log in to my old host to renew the domain.

Carol said...

Glad you didn't lose all your previous posts. It was good to get the comparison between blogger, mt, and wp. I use blogger, but I've been wanting to use categories since I've gotten so many posts now. Thanks for the info.