Friday, December 26, 2003

Admitting Guilt

My daughter is a very tough little girl to wake up. And on days when she hasn't had enough sleep, the task proves even tougher and she spends most of the morning in a daze. This morning was one of those mornings.

We were headed up the hills for some sledding fun (pictures to come) but first we stopped by Marcy's Aunt & Uncle's house as it is on the way for us. Breanna was so much in a daze that she didn't want to talk, which is completely opposite of her usual self. She even started to cry because she was so tired, but we chalked it up to normal tiredness, even though she was way more moody than usual.

After we hit the snow, where she finally did wake up, and were travelling back down the hill Breanna drops the bombshell on her old man, which would be me. You see, she had a little bit of a cough this morning, so I wanted to be extra careful. I gave her some cough medicine. What I didn't realize, but Marcy immediately knew upon Breanna telling her that Daddy gave her cough medicine, was that the medicine I gave her was a "Night Time" medicine.

I do not usually get in the habit of drugging my children before a day trip, and let me tell you, I'll make sure to never do it again....although, she was nice and quiet in the car on the way there....

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