Tuesday, December 02, 2003


A fellow blogger had some problems last night when he ran into the coincidence fairies. Ah yes, I have had my share of experiences with them as well. They've done the following things in my office:

While a new firewall was being installed, the fiber lines of our ISP were cut, making us spend hours trying to configure a firewall that would never work.

A hard drive went bad, the same time we were having problems with our DSL circuit causing intermittent internet connection for the office.

While the DSL circuit was being repaired, our firewall went bad, making it very difficult to test if the circuit was working properly.

That triggered my backups (on DDS-3) to stop working, (this one more predictable however due to the end of the tapes' lifespan).

Yes I know the coincidence fairies well, they are quite difficult to explain to the boss though.

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