Friday, December 19, 2003

Holy Jeez, I just wanted to Link em!!

The weeks are flying by as the shopping days dwindle away. It's already time for more links. Bonus points to anyone, besides Bobby, who can tell me where this weeks title comes from.

I wanted to start this week by showing you what I think may become our next national past time:
Pentrix - Videos

Moving right along, I have a couple of Christmas links for ya:
Santa's Naughty List | Slingshot Santa

This next movie clip will join all nationalities and religions together this holiday season, to collectively say with one voice.....WTF????
Sheep Boy

My first rule while celebrating during this holiday season will be not to party with the guy from the last clip. Here's some more rules for ya:
The Onion | Drinking Responsibly During The Holidays

Now that we got Sadam, he has started to point the finger at some of his compadres. I found a copy of the press briefing here:
Terrorist Names

I know, I know...I tricked ya....but don't fret. Check out some Real American Heroes here:

Real American Heroes...

Yes, I hear ya, your saying..."Where's the games". We'll finish this week with some real time killers. Have fun:
Globulos | .:: Revelate - Gyroball ::.

Hope you enjoyed this week's links. Have a great week and a great Christmas as well (or any other holiday you may celibrate)!!

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