Tuesday, April 13, 2004


How was everyone's Easter? We went to Marcy's Aunt & Uncle's house in Pioneer. We taught the new bunny how to hide eggs, so the kids go to do some egg hunting. And look, I've even got some pictures of the event up on the site, Easter 2004. Aren't ya proud of me?

Egg hunting was not the only thing there to keep the kids occupied. With all those trees and space, there were lots of activities available for Michael, Tyler and Breanna to keep themselves busy. Michael, of course, spent most of his time playing his GameBoy, Breanna played games with her cousin Caitlin, but Tyler, well Tyler found some fun of his own. I put together this video clip here because words do not do justice to the kind of adventures Tyler conjured up for himself.

Anyway, we all had a good Easter and all of us, even Tyler, returned home in one piece. Hope you had a good and safe Easter as well.

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