Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Fraudulent E-Mails

We all know about my obsession with entering sweeps, but online-sweepstakes.com also has a very good forum. This morning someone brought up the fraudulent e-mails that have been going around looking for people to enter their credit card information into a form that looks like it would be from that company. This practice is called phishing, and it's growing more rampant every day. This morning's topic is about the e-mail that looks like it comes from Citibank. I just received one of these puppies today.

Citibank has done a good job of instructing their consumers how to report these e-mails. Go to www.citibank.com and click on "Consumer Alert" to report this e-mail fraud. This site is very self-explanatory, with a list of all the different subject lines that have been reported, and an on-line form to fill out and submit your fraud claim. They have also set up a toll free number to call just in case you have fallen victim to this scam.

Yahoo!, Ebay and Paypal also have information about these e-mails on their sites, and how to report phishing. For more info on the CitiBank e-mails, check out the link below:
Forums - Fraud Alert: CitiBank phishing email with Address Bar

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