Monday, May 17, 2004


I am a competitive person. A very competitive person. I think I still may be understating my competitive drive. I've been so for as long as I can remember. I do not like to lose. I don't care what it is I am doing, whether it's playing a sport, or a video game, something inside of me drives me and constantly tells me not to lose. It's not something I can control. Ask my wife and she will tell you how I can not even let my kids win at anything. She keeps telling me that I should try out for survivor because I would win. The bad part is, I believe her.

I don't know if this drive stems from the fact that I grew up in Cleveland, and as a die-hard Cleveland sports fan, I have never watched any of my teams win a championship; Or if it is from my father, who has never let me beat him at anything, from running windsprints out in front of our house when I was growing up to playing pool. I sometimes played pool for hours on end in high school, desperately trying to get good enough to beat him, sadly I never could. Either way, I am a person who despises losing, no matter who my opponent is, even if it's the MS Blaster worm.

I could go into detail about my battle on Friday night, but that would probably bore you to tears. Instead, just know that I came out victorious and I'll give you a couple examples of recreational games that no matter how infrequently I play, I still expect to win and play extremely well:

Air Hockey
Shuffleboard, Yes shuffleboard(the kind you find in a bar, not a cruiseline)

So tell me, where does your competitiveness lie?

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