Friday, May 14, 2004

Time for renewal

Spring, a time for life to be reborn. A time for renewal. Flowers start to bloom, baby animals take their first steps, but most importantly...time to get rid of all of your old stuff so that you can get new stuff. Time for a garage sale and that's exactly what we're doing this weekend. Feel free to drop by if your in the area and help us get rid of some of this stuff.

As we were getting all of that "stuff" from storage and packing "it" in the garage yesterday, I looked over at my neighbor's house and saw the most peculiar thing. I thought for a brief second that I had stepped into an episode of King Of The Hill. Since that show is a cartoon, and impossible to actually step into, I could only come to two possible conclusions for the picture below. Either the CIA has found a new technology to spy on the whole neighborhood, OR, our neighbors have lost their satellite service and are really trying to get something for free (Notice the tin foil attaching the right ear to the dish). Which do you think it is?

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