Monday, March 19, 2007


No-RadHave times gotten that bad? Or is this a leftover from the Cold War that went unpurchased and forgotten about? Or maybe this is necessary for family safety when living near Lake Erie? I have heard about two headed bass swimming around and being caught, but this is ridiculous.

Whatever the reason for it's existence, theWife and I walked into a local Health Food store looking for something for our pets, but walked out prepared for a nuclear strike. As it turns out, this product is sold at a good deal of Health Food stores, including ones online:

No-Rad Anti-Radiation Potassium Iodide tablets |

Peace of Mind in a Changing World

Be Prepared! Protect your family against the absorption of radioactive iodine after a nuclear emergency!
Ok, so maybe we didn't purchase any, but it's good to know that we could have. One never knows when the next nuclear emergency will take place.

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