Friday, March 23, 2007

Tech Toys

Although I am currently striving to be financially independent and work for myself someday soon, I enjoy my current job. Yes, it's corporate and there are politics I must put up with, but I get to play with toys. We currently work with blackberries, but are looking at Windows Mobile devices. So when the Blackjack came out, I was one of the first to try it out.

Yesterday, I saw an online ad for the new Blackberry 8800 and started thinking about trying that out next. But then I read that it didn't have a camera. That may not be important for true business use, but then again it might. A coworker recently sent me a snapshot of the network rack they mounted in a remote office so that when my employee is there, he will know what he is looking at. This to me is a very efficient use of the camera phone feature that can be a great tool.

Of course, not all pictures taken can be considered "Business Efficient". For example, if one day you happened to be in an elevator that had a mirrored ceiling, and you happened to be like me, you might take something like this:

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