Friday, March 16, 2007

Still Not Smoking

theWife and I are still not smoking.  How good are we?  I mean really, you just can't beat us.  It's been 73 days and 8 hours, and neither of us have had a cigarette.  So it's funny that I find out now that someone has invented a way to enjoy the tobacco and nicotine, without any of the ill effects of standard cigarettes:

Wired News: Smoking 2.0 Give Lungs a Break
The NicStic is a cigarette-size plastic tube with a rechargeable heating coil that vaporizes tobacco instead of burning it. Pop a filter on the end of the tube, and in seconds it is warmed up enough for a nicotine fix without the smoke. Because it has no smoke, it also has none of the tar, arsenic, cadmium and formaldehyde of regular cigarettes;
So, this article is telling me that I could have all the benefits provided by the nasty smell of tobacco and addiction to nicotine without having to worry about the whole dieing thing.  Sounds good no?  Actually, no...thanks but I'll stick to not being addicted or stinking like ass, which is what the article says these smell like.

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