Tuesday, January 06, 2004

It's not a hair color

My wife tells me that blonde is not a hair color, it's a state of mind. I think I explicitly proved that point yesterday afternoon. For the past 18 months I have been attending night classes at the junior college nearest to where I work. It happens to be in the opposite direction of my home, so when classes start at 5:30, I usually just stay at work until it's time for class. Last night being the first night of class for the Spring semester, I went back to my routine of doing so. Or at least I thought it was the first night back to school.

As I pulled into one of the school's parking lots, I found the lack of cars rather strange. Sure there was a few, but normally during the first week of the semester, the parking lots resemble urban warfare with everyone trying to get a spot. The fact that there was only a handful of cars puzzled me greatly, but it didn't deter me from thinking that yesterday was the first day of school.

I then walked into the main hall to the business office so that I could pick up my parking pass for the semester. It was closed. Yet still I walked to my classroom and waited at the locked door for class. Not until it was 5 minutes past start time for that class, did I walk back to the main hall and start reading the posted signs.

And yes, class starts January 12th. It is definately a state of mind.

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