Friday, January 02, 2004

Linkin in the New Year

In case you didn't notice, have been hiding under a rock, or have been in an alcohol induced coma for the last couple of days, the latter being entirely possible, it's 2004. That means it's time for us to make resolutions we don't plan on sticking to. My New Year's resolution is to not torment you the reader any further by posting those attrocious links that I have gotten into the habit of doing almost every Friday. I swear, you will from this day forth be link-free.

Ok, someone call the Guiness book of World Records and tell me what the record for quickest broken resolution is because here comes the links. They've been overflowing my bookmarks, waiting for my moment of weakness to get out, and here they are:

This weekend we will be taking down our Christmas lights and decorations and in doing so, the realization that Christmas is over truely sets in. We can do something about that though. Through these links, we can prolong the Christmas season in spirit:
::: SANTA SAYS ::: | Comet Christmas Game | Sober Santa | Merry Christmas from Rocket

Now that I've got you in the right spirit, I can break this news to you....My Cat Hates You:
My Cat Hates You

With the New Year upon us, I figured it might be good to be prepared, you know just in case the boss walks in this afternoon and tells me to clear out my desk. I don't think that will happen, but if it should, and I need to start looking for employment, I'm glad I have this updated:
Rejection Letter

As it turns out, my cat is not the only one who hates you, so do....ummm....they:
Donuts Hate You

Since we're all in such a good mood, let's talk about those call center technicians. The kind, courteous, if only you understood what language there were speaking. Anyway, here's a little link that might bring all of us a little closer to understanding...the call center technician.

Call Center Charlie

Ooops, I think I got a little off track wanting to keep everyone thinking of Christmas so let's finish off this week with this one here:
Penguin Shuffle

So much for resolutions huh, hopefully I'll keep to my not smoking resolution just a tad longer than that one lasted. So far, so good. Until next week then.

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