Friday, January 23, 2004

Links, We don't need no stinkin links

I'm sitting at my computer this morning, doing my sweeps thing, when it dawned on me that it's Friday. It also occured to me that I have not spewed forth any links for a couple weeks now. I know you are all a patient lot, but I can not afford to neglect your needs any longer. I can smell the revolt, and it don't smell good. So, without further ado, here are your drugs links.

I'll start off this week with a true piece of sophisticated humour. Yes, it's so sophisticated that humour is spelled with a u.
Top Shelf Humour

Ok, I know, that was rather annoying. Feel like taking out your aggressions on that thing? Then you've come to the right place. However, I don't suggest this one to all of you true cat lovers out there (It's almost too much for me).
Clay Kitten Shooting II / Game

Here's a little message that I found over at Buzz's Site that just may explain a few things about men that will hopefully bridge the gap between the two sexes:

What week would be complete without a reference to the king of plop? Check out this flash game.
Escape From Neverland

Are you stumped for a gift idea for Aunt so-and-so or cousin whats-his-name? Maybe your looking for that perfect wedding gift for the couple who's registry has already been pillaged of all the good gifts. Well, don't say I never gave you nothing, because this little gift is perfect for any occassion:
Things You Never Knew Existed : Product Details [Shocking Roulette Game]

I don't really know what else to say about the drum flash bit besides...Wow!!
Drums Audio

For those of you who are just plain sick and tire of the commercialization of miniature golf, we have a course for you. So put on your rubber boots and sterilized gloves and grab your bottle of bactine kids, cuz its time to play putt-putt:
Miniature Golf Course

Are you sick and tired of how long the security lines have gotten in airports these days. Yeah, I here ya complaining out there. Well, let's just see how well you do then shall we?

Airport security

Wait a minute, I think there was a serious message behind that last game. Your thinking, I don't click on these links to think. Ok, here's an addictive game that I guarantee has no hidden agenda, besides maybe sucking all the productivity out of your day.
The ESP Game: Labeling the Web

Ok, your now thinking to yourself, "Sure, no agendas, but I still had to think, like, way too much". So, I will end this week's links with a multitude of goodies guaranteed not to make you think, wait, what was I doing?
b3ta newsletter presents: cursor love bunny | Donkey Kong Jr. | Funderstanding Roller Coaster | Speed | Twiddlestix -

Well, that's all I got, hope you enjoy your weekend.

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