Monday, January 05, 2004

Taking it down

Taking down Christmas lights is always depressing. It means that the holiday season is over, plus it's a lot of work. Maybe it wouldn't take so long if I wasn't absolutely anal about the way each strand of lights is wrapped before putting them away for the year, but if I wasn't, setting up would be three times as difficult the next year. So the majority of my day yesterday was spent wrapping christmas lights.

I did get a chance to go out to the RC airstrip with my brother-in-law Bobby and get some footage of him flying. He's only been begging me to go out there for the past couple months or so. He's leaving for training on Tuesday though, so this was our last chance for awhile to do this. Last night he reviewed the footage I got, almost a full 30 minutes of it, and put together this clip. It's good stuff, some of my best video, and Bobby's best flying, to date.

The full day yesterday, coupled with the full day on Saturday's snow trip, will wear a person out, though. I was reading to Breanna last night, but I kept falling asleep while reading. That's no big deal, I've done that before. What was a first for me was continuing to read, or at least think I was reading, while sleeping. Every once in awhile, Breanna would repeat after me something that just didn't sound right. Example, the book read that Tigger bounced away down the path, but I read it to be Tigger bounced away to street number 4. So while dozing off I heard Breanna repeat "street number 4", look up and realize that my eyes were closed. This happened about three times, funny but mostly reminding me of something I've done that was even funnier.

While Marcy and I were in Reno last year, I was sick. It was when I was fighting my Bronchitis and I wouldn't have went if I wasn't in a slot tournament. Anyway, one day I decided that I was feeling better so I started drinking while playing Pai Gow all day long. That night I was feeling even worse and added Tylenol Sinus PM to the alcohol I had been drinking. Needless to say I was knocked out, but not before watching Alias. After the show, Marcy headed downstairs to make sure she wasn't called for the "Whirlwind of Cash" and gambled a little bit before coming back upstairs. When she did come back up, she felt my forehead because I looked like I was burning up. She wasn't expecting what happened next at all.

As soon as her hand touched my forehead my eyes opened up wider than she has ever seen them open up and I began to look around. I looked from Marcy, to the clock, to her purse, and back to her again. I asked "Did you get the backup?" Marcy replied in a very shocked voice, "What?". Again I looked from her, to the clock, and to her purse and asked again, "Did you get the backup?" At this point she asked me what I was talking about to which I pointed at her purse and asked "Is that the backup for the mission." When Marcy looked at me, dumbfounded, and asked me what I was talking about, I said "Nevermind", rolled over and went back to sleep.

Since that incident, I have been disallowed from mixing OTC medications and alcohol which I can see may not be such a good combination. Thankfully, I'm still allowed to watch Alias.

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