Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Davezilla.com :: Overheard: Iraqi doctor edition

Davezilla always has his ear to the ground to bring his readers the best in overheard conversations. In today's edition he brings us the funniest thing I've read. It's Overheard: Iraqi doctor edition:
Two men at Starbucks are discussing the Iraq war behind me. One is blaming Iraqi doctors for all of the suicide bombings. My ears prick up as this is an angle I had not heard on the news.

Man 2: “Where did you get that information? I’ve never heard anything about doctors being involved!”
Man 1: “I hear about it every time there’s a bombing. Where have you been?”
Man 2: “Doctors. Iraqi ones?”
Man 1: “Yup.”
Man 2: “What… are the supplying the suicide bombers?”
Man 1: “No, they are the bombers. They’re all doctors.”

[ Now at this point, I am hanging on every word. ]

Man 1: “All of these bombings are being carried out by in-surgeons.”

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