Thursday, May 26, 2005

UPS Driver Etiquette

Normally, I like UPS drivers. The one that delivers to my house is very cool and my normal delivery guy at work is cool. Last night we must have had a new driver making our daily pickup.

I heard someone come up the stairs at my office, right around the time the UPS guy picks up our outgoing deliveries. We didn't have any outgoing last night, but instead of hearing the normal key jingling sound going back down the stairs, I heard the bathroom door shut. This is a one person bathroom, as my current office only consists of two people, but guests are usually welcome to use it at any time.

After a couple of minutes, however, I realized that the UPS driver was doing more than a quick pitstop, he was sitting on the throne. I know, I know, UPS drivers are human too, and where else could they go, but he was in there at least ten minutes. Then, after all was said and done, he opened the door and left...and I was immediately offended by the odor wafting down the hallway and seeping into my office from the bathroom. I thought to myself, at least he could have sprayed the air freshener. But that wasn't the worst of this drivers bathroom baffoonery, not by a long shot.

I did not attempt to go in right away, however, I did have to use the bathroom before leaving, and found out this driver has no bathroom etiquette at all. It looked as though he had washed his dirty hands but didn't use any soap. And then, instead of drying them with the paper towels, shook them dry all over the place. There were black dirty water spots all over the sink, the toilet, the floor, the mirror and the walls. He also left a present floating in the toilet, staring up at me. Thanks.

How do you feel ok about yourself after leaving someone elses bathroom in this manner. It absolutely disgusted me, and I really hope it was not my normal driver. He doesn't look like the type to read Bowhunt America magazine though. I know this guy does because he left the subscription cards from his magazine that he obviously brought with him, on the floor. Thanks, but I think I'll pass on that sub.

Oh and PS, after wiping your butt, the toilet paper goes in the toilet....not in the trash can. Damn.
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