Thursday, May 26, 2005

Feeling Lost?

WARNING: for some strange reason, like your in France or something, you have not seen the season finale of Lost, do not continue reading.

It seems as though Dave was feeling lost after watching the season finale of Lost last night:
Okay, I just sat through two hours of Lost expecting that at least one small something would be solved or explained. Of course, nothing was, and now I want my two hours back. I think this was about the most lame, disappointing, piece of shit finale ever aired on television. Note to writers and producers: you can't just string people along forever with no pay-off. So where was my f#@&ing pay-off? If they're not going to explain anything at season's end... the most important episode of the entire year... does that mean they never plan on it at all? Will they just keep going and going until they're cancelled, and then leave everybody hanging? Whoopee! It's a hole! THAT'S what I waited all season for? I mean, who cares?
I for one, thought there was a couple of extremely cool things about the finale. I don't watch much TV at all, so if a show can get me guessing as to what's really going on, then the writers of that show have done a good job. It means I'm interested. Now, if you get me to keep changing my guesses, that's what I like best.

Russo, the French chick, said that she heard "the others" whispering about coming after "the boy". Bringing "the others" out to snatch "the boy" from the boat when everyone assumed, including me, that they would be coming after Clair's boy was a brilliant misdirection. I didn't see that coming at all, I didn't think they would find their saviors, but we're left thinking all of them could be dead. Brilliant.

The black mist? That was stupid. I was, however, happy that it's not some cheesy looking dinosaur. I've said since the first episode that if it was, I would not watch again.

Bringing in a new character a couple weeks ago to explain why the dynamite would be so dangerous was a good idea too, even if he had to demonstrate why. I really liked how the writers tried to lull us into a comfort zone and believe that the stick in his hand would not blow. Then....boom. Then Hurley's line to Jack a couple of scenes later was absolutely classic:
Hurley: Um, you've got some Arnst on you.
The hole didn't really bother me either. I did not expect to see anything of it. In fact, I had even thought that the dynamite might not open it, so I was not disappointed.

Overall I thought it was a great episode. Can't wait for next season. And don't worry Dave, they'll probably bring you right back to them with the season opener, after you forget how pissed off you are.

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