Monday, May 02, 2005

theHouse Update

I received a call at the beginning of last week from theProjectManager overseeing the construction of theHouse. As it turns out, theHouse is moving right along and he wanted to do the pre-dry-wall inspection on Friday, May 6th, this coming Friday. For those that have never had to do this type of inspection, you walk the house just before the dry-wall is put up so that if there are any mistakes in the design or electrical layout of theHouse, they can be changed without having to knock out newly put up walls. Seeing as how it might be quite important to actually be there to do this inspection, I booked passage on an airplane to be in town for it. I'm sure I will be coming back with a multitude of pictures for everyone to see. Until then, I've had theParents driving by theHouse and snapping off pictures. I started a page showing the progression of theHouse. Click here to view.

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