Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Overheard: The No Ovary Edition

Continuing today's overheard discussion, I'd like to submit my own for your reading displeasure. This conversation took place in a grocery store aisle as I was walking to find theFamily, who had gone in the store ahead of me while I parked theVue. Sung to the tune NaNa-NaNa-NaNa You can't get me:
Girl: You have no ovaries, You have no ovaries.
Mom: Stop it
Girl: You have no ovaries, You have no ovaries.
At this point, they walked out of the aisle in front of me and I saw that a 30-something mom with a early-teens daughter were the subject of this edition of overheard.
Mom: (swings purse and connects with daughter's back) Stop it, I told you that's enough.
Girl: (laughing) Ooh, mommy, you know I like it rough.
I could editorialize about how parents are not meant to be their own children's friends and that this is exactly why, but I don't think I really need to in this case, do I?

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