Thursday, January 30, 2003

My name is Nicotine, come take my hand

I'm tired of it. When I do have one I get tired, and when I don't have one I get sketchy. I'm friggin sick of it. What's a guy to do??? I finally came to work today without any cigarettes on me, and the only other guy that smokes here at work is off today, Thank God. I just want to break this friggin cycle once and for all and be done with it. I have some Nicorette with me, but I only want to use it if I am in dire need, e.g. ready to go into my boss' office and strangle him. Hopefully that will not happen, I honestly like the guy and I wouldn't want to do that to him.

Battling a virus on my network here wasn't helping matters either, but it looks like I'm in the clear. With the help of InnoculateIT running on our Novell Network and AVG 6.0 to scan local drives, I may just have beaten the beast. One beast down, one to go.

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