Friday, January 31, 2003

Is he a Capricorn?

So uh, lets have a look at him.....he's a catch right? Check out Bobby's moves here. I jacked up and cut the music ten seconds short but its not bad for my first effort with adding my own background music.

Arrgh, so it's me buried treasure yer after matey

Take 41,000 tiny "buried treasures" in 161 countries; add tens of thousands of computer geeks worldwide putting down their mice and keyboards in favor of their GPS to find them, and what do you get? Geocaching!! Me, Marcy and the kids will be heading out to explore our community in search of these caches this weekend, what will you be doing? This is our first exploration so we are keeping it local, but with caches in just about every area of this, and many other, countries our adventures could take us around the globe. Not since Lewis and Clark has a family braved the elements in the spirit of exploration. OK, so that may be an exaggeration, but it will a great way to find places and things we never knew were there.

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