Monday, January 27, 2003


I told myself that I was not going to drink too much at yesterday's Super Bowl Party me and Marcy attended. As it turns out....I lied. Don't worry though, I am paying the price for it today. "Are your Monday's not hard enough? Do you actually enjoy Monday's? Well do we have a solution for you....Beer, lot's of it. Order today and your order will be shipped and at your door by Sunday, guaranteed. If your not completely satisfied with your hangover, we'll send you, at no cost, a beer bong. Drink one, two, even three beers in the time it takes your neighbor to just take a sip." Things wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have school after work tonight. Oh well, I'll manage to get through it. I have before, that's for sure.

A quick Saturday recap of events at Michael's Pinewood Derby for those interested....Michael's car came in third place and gives him the right to compete in the District Championships. Yes, these events can even go to national races. I wonder what type of competition are at these events....Do ya think parents sabotage other kid's cars? I bet it happens. It would be easy enough. Superglue could be made to look suspiciously like lubricant that's used on the wheels of these cars. I think I'll make a movie about that......"Coming to a theater near you, Tom Cruise is Little Timmy in....Pinewood Days of Thunder."

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