Monday, February 03, 2003

Runnin Amok

We had an unwelcomed visitor stop by our household this weekend causing us to alter our plans a little on Saturday, and completely blew our plans for Sunday. They call him the Flu. We still managed to do a little geocaching on Saturday, even though not all of us felt up to being outside, but we planned to go South for some exploring on Sunday and could not. Although half of us were sick, Saturday's exploration was still fun. We even met up with another pair of cachers who were after the same finds we were. If not for one "bug" we would have been able to take another "bug", which we found Saturday morning, down South towards it's destination. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

Quick update on the video I linked to last week. I said that it was Bobby flying but it wasn't. I'm in the process of re-doing the video to give the proper credit. Go figure, take some vids and then wait a couple months before editing them and I can't even remember who was flying. Sorry about that. I could have already churned that video out had I not been having problems with codecs using Windows Media Encoder. No matter what I did or what version of Encoder I installed, it seemed that I never had the appropriate codecs installed to encode the correct video. As I found out this morning though, I was wasting my time on a bad video, all my other videos encode just fine. Time to start from scratch, argggghh. At least I got some time to get my homework done while waiting for video to transfer. Always got to find that positive perspective. How can homework be positive you ask? Well, it's done isn't it...And that always a positive.

OOPS, almost forgot to mention .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!

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