Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Saturday morning starting with a 6 AM wakeup to get out to the RC Airstrip to video Bobby's test flight of his new Extra. I did not have much time to spend out there that morning and it looked as if I may not be able to see Bobby get his new plane in the air. As I was packing up the camera Bobby decided to give it a go, minus the nose and spinner. Finally, his new plane took flight.

From there we had to drop off the boys at their grandparent's so that me and Marcy could go to a party that night. After some light shopping we got to their house to do a quick drop off. This is the same house that I spent almost all night at last week trying to fix a computer, so when I heard that everything was back up and running except for a little display problem, I said I would take a look. 4 hours later I was being fed dinner and was still in front of the computer. And I told myself that I would be staying away from the computer for the weekend. I guess as long as it's not mine it doesn't count against me right? I finally told her to get a new video card as her's was most likely fried and we left to get ready for the night's party.

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