Wednesday, February 05, 2003

All About Me

Moderator: Before Mike comes out to answer your questions, I'd like to go over quickly the format for this evening's personality conference. When you have your question ready, please raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged by Mike. Once he calls on you, please stand up, state your name and position, and then ask your question. Please be brief and concise in asking your questions. Now, if there are no questions for me, let's get started.

(Mike enters from a door in the rear of the room, walks down the center aisle of chairs to the podium and addresses the crowd)
Mike: I'd like to start off by saying thank you to everyone for coming down here tonight. Hopefully I can shed some light for you about who I am. Let's start the questions with that gentleman sitting right there. (points toward the first aisle on his right side)

Tim: Hi Mike, Tim Couch, Quarterback, my question is (Mike raises his hand and interrupts)
Mike: I'm sorry Tim, I meant to start with the gentleman sitting behind you. (Tim Couch sits down)
Kelly: Hi, Kelly Holcomb, Quarterback, Can you tell us who you are and where your from?
Mike: Sure, my name is Mike and I'm originally from here in Cleveland, but I now live in the Central Valley of California. Ok, Tim what was your question?

(Tim Couch stands up nervously)
Tim: Well that was my question, but uh, ok, how old are you? (Tim sits back down with regained confidence)
Mike: Well, that depends on when you read this because my age changes every year. (Mike covers the microphone with his hand and conferrs with his wife Marcy sitting at the table beside him) Let's just say I was born in 1974 and leave it at that. I'll let you do the math. Yes, the gentleman in the hooded jacket and sunglasses, you have a question?
Jim: Hi, Jim Thome, 1st Base...

(Once again Mike interrupts the question)
Mike: Yes, Hi Jim, I know who you are, and although you served us well for many years, I'm gonna have to ask you leave. Security, can you please escort Mr. Thome back to Philadelphia. Thank you.
(The crowd starts to murmur as Jim Thome is escorted out of the press room)
Mike: I'm sorry for that interruption folks, we can get back to your questions now. Go ahead sir.
William: Uh yeah, Hi, uh, William Green, Running Back, are you married Mike, and do you have any kids?
Mike: Good question Mr. Green, yes I am married to my lovely wife Marcy who happens to be sitting next to me. We have been married since '98 so it's almost been five years. I have two step-sons, Michael, born in '91, and Tyler, born in '94. Me and Marcy also have a daughter, Breanna who was born in '98. Next question please.

Omar: Hello, my name is Omar Visquel and I play shortstop for the Indians. What do you do for a living?
Mike: Well, right now I am the Site Administrator at Ripon Cogeneration. It's a power plant owned by Tractebel Power. Yes, what is your question sir?
Kevin: Yeah, hi. Kevin Johnson, Wide Receiver, are you planning on making a career out of being a Site Administrator?
Mike: Not hardly Mr. Johnson. I am currently back in school, using the GI Bill that's been waiting there for me since '97 when I got out of the Marine Corps. Right now I plan to learn electronics and controls along with PLC's so that I can work as an operator at Ripon Cogeneration. I'm only in my second semester though and only able to attend evening courses so that may just take me a little while. I'm happy where I'm at though. Next?

Ellis: Hi Mike, Ellis Burks, Outfielder and Designated Hitter. You mentioned the Marine Corps, how long were you in and what did you do?
Mike: Well, I was in for 4 years, from '93 to '97, and I was in the supply field. That kept me stationed in Camp Pendleton, California for the better part of that time. I'm glad it did though, that is where I met my wife.
Courtney: Hi, Courtney Brown, Defensive End. Mike can you tell us how you got from Cleveland to California?
Mike: By airplane...
(Laughter rises from the players and family)

Mike: No seriously, like I just mentioned I was stationed in California and met my wife. She was from the Central Valley area, so I stayed here with her. Sorry Courtney, next question please, and I think this might have to be the last one. Yes, you sir.
C.C.: Then I'll make this one short, Mike. C.C. Sabathia, Pitcher. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Mike: Well, your right Mr. Sabathia, that is a short one, seeing how little spare time I have. Let's see, I am a computer hobbyist as well as a constantly learning web site designer, meaning that I never truly have enough time to really learn it well enough use site designing for profit. Also, me and my family just recently took up geocaching where you travel around either in urban or nature looking for "caches". And yes, I was correct, that is all the questions I have time for right now; I have to get going to a class. Thank you all for coming and I hope I was successful in answering your questions. If you have any more questions, or want to know more about me, just read. Thanks again.

(Mike, Marcy, Michael, Tyler and breanna all exit through the door behind the podium).

If you couldn't already tell, I am a huge Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns fan and all the name used in this mock conference were players currently on those two teams. Now you Know!!

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