Wednesday, February 12, 2003

It's 1:00 AM, Do you know where your Wit's end is?

So, this is what exhaustion feels like. I've been tired before, but I don't know if I've ever been this exhausted, at least not in a little while. Not even after Thursday all-night karaoke sessions. Texas Turtle, I need your help. I spent most of last night at a friends house trying to fix her computer. The frustration lied in that she could connect to her dsl but could not browse any web pages. I tried everything I knew, then got SBC on the line and he walked me through his whole database of solutions too. Until we got to the Internet Connection Wizard that is, you see it didn't work and could not be installed from Windows Setup either because it wasn't there. How Internet Connection Wizard could not just dissapear from Windows, but from the Update Setup selection as well is beyond me. After trying a few dozen other things ,to include getting the same symptoms over a dial-up connection, a re-install of Windows 98 is suggested. Nice. Just want I wanted to do. Right. OK, at least all of the corrupt system files that I had come accross, and spyware installations that I found would be gone.

That is, as long as her hardware could install correctly once Windows Setup was finished. Turns out, her computer which is only 2 years old, was pieced together by some hack, who didn't give her any software or anything with it. So guess what, no drivers and Windows won't pick up her modem, doesn't know what her NIC, or her display adapter, or her Sound Card are for that matter. That normally wouldn't have bothered me, just download the drivers from the net. That would require a modem though, and this one just isn't working, no sign of life anywhere. Anyone got a modem you can email me? There's few things I despise worse that leaving a computer that isn't up and running yet. In fact, she's worse off now than before I got my hands on her computer. Talk about frustration.

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