Thursday, February 13, 2003

Make The Bad Man Go Away

I had a post somewhat planned for today, but those thoughts were ripped away from my brain by the dreams I was having this morning. I don't remember many dreams, but I remember some of this one. It was one of those dreams in which you are seeing a girl get strangled by what you think is some madman. That is until the madman passes a mirror and the dream does one of those "walking by the mirror slow motion turn-to-look and see that it's myself staring back at me" movie effects. You know, one of those dreams....everybody has those dreams all the time, right.....right???? ADMIT IT. Tell me that you have psycho-neurotic dreams dammit.

Actually I hope that you don't. I do not think it is normal at all. In fact, the lingering rememberance of the dream is haunting my thoughts this morning. I keep getting this awful feeling that I'm going to turn around and have this psycho staring me in the face. The worst part being that the "feeling" has put a face to this man, and it's my own. So in essence I feel like I'm going to turn around and be staring myself in the face. Not me though, the psychotic version of me. I need clear to my thoughts of this or my head is going to explode. Maybe some mindless chicken throwing will take my thoughts away from last night's dream for awhile.

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