Friday, February 21, 2003


We woke up Sunday morning and were itchin to get out of the house and do something, we just didn't know what. Since neither one of us had ever been to the Napa Valley and the beautiful Wine Country we decided what the hell, let's go. While we were at it we decided to make a night of it too and packed a bag then hit the road, without any further planning of where we were going when we got there. I think it made the trip much more interesting and adventurous.

About halfway there we realized that hunger was dissipating our thirst for adventure and that we would need to stop and eat. Boy am I glad we did. As we pulled into Pleasant Hill to look for a place to eat we passed a Peet's Coffee. I have heard so much about the majesty that is Peet's Coffee, but had yet had the opportunity to partake in it's splendor, until now, that is. And yes, it did live up to it's hype as it had to be the best damn cup o' joe I have ever put into my body. Even if Napa was an absolute flop, my weekend was made by this simple mixture of ground up beans, water and steamed milk. Life is truly wonderful that way sometimes isn't it? Despite my arguement to forget Napa and simply stay the night in Pleasant Hill so that I may wake up to a cup of caffeinated goodness, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and pressed on.

We arrived in Napa and, since we really did not know where to go, pulled into the first hotel we saw and procured a room for the night. Here we were able to gather enough tourist flyers to give us a direction for the afternoon. We hit Berringer Vineyards Winery and Peju Province Winery before they all closed down for the night. Since this was really our first wine tasting and touring experience, we had no idea what to expect or how to differentiate good from the bad, which made the experience that much more enjoyable. Sunday night we laid out a gameplan for Monday and heeaded out early to get blitzed experience the Wine Country in all it's beauty. We ended up hitting and touring Domaine Carneros, Domaine Chandon, Rutherford Hill and finally Mumm Napa Valley. I personally did not consider drinking wine to be exhausting, but let me assure you that it is. At least when done in this fashion. We had planned to pick up a travel bug on our way home, but we were much too tired to do anything but drive home. Either way the Wine Country was an amazing place to visit, one that I'm sure we will visit again. Not bad for half a tank of gas round trip either.

Phew, looks like I'm all caught up, just in time for what looks to be another full weekend. Saturday we have Tyler's first real baseball practice (yes I know it's only February) and maybe some geocaching to do. Sunday is Marcy's dad's birthday and we plan to spend it touring the more local winerys. Hmm, would this be considered an addictive behavior? Oh well, it should be fun anyway.

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