Saturday, August 23, 2003

Looking For RSS for Palm

I'm not one that truly enjoys sitting in front of a computer screen all the time. I like to move about, change scenery, but I still have to be somewhat connected. The problem however lies in that I don't have wireless connectivity for my PDA as of yet, still too expensive for me, so I have to rely on syncing as my means of taking information with me. Which until now has never been that much of a hassle for me. Then came RSS.

Now that I am literally hooked on RSS as my main resource for news, I am looking to sync RSS with my Palm. Right now I am using JPluckX to convert RSS feeds to plucker format and using Plucker to view on my PDA. I'm wondering though, and I've exhausted all my searches, if there is any Desktop RSS aggregator that will directly sync with the PalmOS. I love the way my aggregator keeps track of read posts, and would really like that ability on my PDA. Please leave your comments if you have any ideas of where I might be able, if it exists, to get my hands on such a program.

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